On-Going Funded Research Projects

Active Projects Funded by RGC General Research Fund
Text Area
  •  A Unified Framework for Multiple Testing with Auxiliary Information: a Sample-splitting Approach
  • Admission Pricing for Public Hospital Emergency Department: From Practice to Theory
  • Bayesian nonparametric methods for relational models and multiple random multi-graphs and arrays
  • Economic analysis of Bug bounty programs
  • Effects of Overlapping Information Presentation on Online Users' Task Performance and Subjective Perceptions
  • Estimate Large Efficient Portfolios When No Risk-free Asset Is Available
  • Ex ante versus ex post network pricing
  • Facilitating efficient services for ride sharing via information management
  • High-Volume Recruiting: Theory and Applications
  • Inference for high-dimensional elliptical models
  • Information Sharing in the Online Marketplace
  • Information Strategy when Consumers Socially Learn
  • Mitigating Congestion in the Public Healthcare System through A Public-Private-Partnership Program
  • Optimal design of sequential experiments for personalized decision-making
  • Optimal Information Provision in Digital Content Markets
  • Pricing and Matching Mechanism Design for Freight Marketplace
  • Refined Pricing and Assortment Optimization for the Representative Consumer Model.
  • Service Systems with Flexible Servers and Two Priority Customer Classes
  • The Role of Intrinsic Motivation in the Sharing Economy