Operations Management

CHEN, Huijun
Research Interests:
Empirical Operations Management and Applied Econometrics
FU, Xingyu
Research Interests:
Socially Responsible Operations, Sustainable Operations, Platform Operations
Personal Website: https://xingyu-fu.github.io/
LI, Wenjuan
Research Interests:
Information Design, Behavior Operations, Game Theory
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LU, Wentao
Research Interests:
Revenue Management, Discrete Choice Modeling, Social Learning, Multi-armed Bandit
QIU, Shuang
Research Interests:
Supply Chain Management, Marketing/Operations Interfaces
WANG, Jianyue
Research Interests:
Supply Chain Management, Production Operations Management, OM with E-commerce
XIE, Zheng
Research Interests:
Revenue Management
XU, Ailing
Research Interests:
Information Sharing and Asymmetric Information, Socially Responsible Operations
ZHOU, Xinyi
Research Interests:
Revenue Management, Machine Learning Algorithms and Applications in OM