On-going Funded Research Projects

Active Projects Funded by RGC General Research Fund

  • A Unified Framework for Multiple Testing with Auxiliary Information: a Sample-splitting Approach
  • Admission Pricing for Public Hospital Emergency Department: From Practice to Theory
  • Car-pool Services for Ride-sharing Platforms
  • Demand sensing, supplier competition, and forecast sharing with downstream firms
  • Economic analysis of Bug bounty programs
  • Facilitating efficient services for ride sharing via information management
  • Facilitating the Success of Enterprise Systems' Implementations: The Roles of Informal and Formal Support
  • Hierarchical Bayesian Dynamic Network Modeling and its Applications to Finance, Information Systems and Education
  • High-Volume Recruiting: Theory and Applications
  • Inference for high-dimensional elliptical models
  • Information sharing and channel structure in online retailing
  • Information Sharing in the Online Marketplace
  • Information Strategy when Consumers Socially Learn
  • Investigating the inefficient bidding behavior in online sponsored search
  • Optimal Information Provision in Digital Content Markets
  • Service Systems with Flexible Servers and Two Priority Customer Classes
  • Statistical Learning for Personalized Investment
  • Synchronizing pricing and replenishment to serve forward-looking customers with lost sales
  • Testing "Black Holes" in High-Frequency Data and Volatility Forecasting
  • The Role of Intrinsic Motivation in the Sharing Economy

Active Projects Funded by RGC - Early Career Scheme

  • Beyond Text: The Information Role of Voice in Financial Market
  • Do Anti-Patent Troll Laws Backfire? Evidence from Firm Innovation in the US IT Industry
  • High-dimensional Neyman-Pearson Classification with Applications to Textual Data Analysis
  • Optimal Budget Allocation for Online Ad Campaigns with Spillover and Carryover Effects
  • Speak without Speaking: Stock Prices and the FOMC Press Conferences