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15-17 June 2017

The 1st International Conference on Econometrics and Statistics (EcoSta 2017)

This conference invites oral and poster presentations containing substantial advances in the broad areas of econometrics and statistics. All topics within the scope of the journal Econometrics and Statistics would be considered.  

22 August 2017

Symposium on Innovations and Sustainability 

The program featured a novel segment called “Conversations with Industry Thought Leaders”, for which we had Ms. Pamela Mar, Director of Sustainability, The Fung Group; Mr. Jeremy Prepscius, Vice President, BSR (Business for Social Responsibility); and Mr. Richard Welford, Chairman, CSR Asia. There were one-on-one dialogues with the organizers to share their visions, strategy, concerns, and practices regarding sustainability and innovations for sustainable businesses.

There were also parallel sessions for scholars, students and practitioners to exchange ideas and share their latest findings


7 January 2017

The Eighth POMS-HK International Conference

Boundless Opportunities in Operations Management 150

June 2006

The Department is a co-organizer of the 16th Biennial Conference of the International Telecommunications Society (ITS 2006). It will be hosted by the China Institute of Communications and the Beijing University of Post & Telecommunications in Beijing in June 2006. The Conference will give researchers, industry practitioners and policy makers a timely opportunity to identify pressing new issues, share research results, form new partnerships and identify new approaches to address outstanding issues. Professor Xu Yan of the Department is a Member of the Board of Directors of ITS.

1-3 Jun 2005

Hong Kong Mobility Roundtable

Mobile Communications in the Knowledge Society



The Department hosted the “Hong Kong Mobility Roundtable” in June 2005 on the theme of “Mobile Communications in Knowledge Society”. The event provided a forum for research exchange and facilitated collaboration among global researchers, practitioners and policy makers in the field of mobile communication and computing. Over 150 delegates from all over the world participated in the roundtable.

4 Jan 2005

Workshop on Statistics and Probability 2005



17 September 2004

Professor Vint G. Cerf, the bona fide “Father of the Internet”, gave a lecture entitled “A glimpse into the future of the Internet”. Professor Cerf’s presence attracted enormous interest among students and faculty members. He is the co-designer of TCP/IP protocols and the architecture of the Internet. Among his many awards and accolades, he received the US National Medal of Technology from President Bill Clinton in 1997.

18-20 Dec 2003

Bernoulli Society East Asian and Pacific Regional (EAPR) Conference 2003

  The Bernoulli Society East Asia & Pacific Regional Conference (Dec 2003) attracted over 150 leading experts and practitioners. The Conference explored research opportunities about Bayesian statistics, bioinformatics, industrial statistics, levy processes, limit theorems, nonparametrics, MCMS, probability algorithms, probability theory, stochastic analysis, time series and survival analysis.

9 Dec 2003

Telecommunications Workshop

"Canadian Telecoms Markets and Regulation: Is Competition Sustainable"
"Type III Interconnection: Pearl River Delta Telecom Special Zone"
"Running Mobile Entertainment Business in China - an Overseas Company's Perspective"


5-7 Jul 2001

6th Asia-Pacific Regional Conference of International Telecommunications Society (ITS 2001)

Information Infrastructure and Sustainable Development: Challenges to Government Policy and Corporate Strategies



The Sixth Asia-Pacific Regional Conference of International Telecommunications Society (ITS2001) was the premier telecommunications event in the Asia-Pacific region. It attracted over 150 top-flight researchers, industry leaders and policy makers from across Asia, Australia, Europe and the US.

7 Dec 2000

10th IT Management Forum

The Future Development of Telecommunications and New Strategic Initiatives of International Telecommunication Union (ITU)


1-3 Jun 2000

Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems 2000 (PACIS 2000)

Electronic Commerce and Web-based Information Systems


17-18 Jun 1998

9th IT Management Forum

Information Technology Security Management Seminar (ITSMS 98)


23 May 1998

8th IT Management Forum

Fixing the Year 2000 Problem: Is It Too Late?


25-28 Jun 1996

3rd Pacific Workshop on Distributed Multimedia Systems (Pacific DMS 96)

Development of National Information Infrastructure (NII)


21-22 Jun 1996

1st Asia Pacific Conference of the Decision Sciences Institute (APDSI 96)

Competitiveness of Asia-Pacific Region in the Global Marketplace: A Decision Sciences Perspective


16-19 Jun 1996

International Conference on Management Science and the Economic Development of China

Management Science and the Economic Development of China


25 Nov 1995

7th IT Management Forum

Telecom Futures Hong Kong: Policy, Business & Social Issues in the Information Society


23 Jun 1995

Supply Chain Management Conference

Competing in a Global Market: Technology and Supply Chain Management Perspectives


22-23 Jun 1995

3rd International Society for Decision Support Systems Conference (ISDSS95)

Decision Support Systems


25 Feb 1995

6th IT Management Forum



2 Dec 1994

5th IT Management Forum

Internet and Other Public-Access Networks


2 Jul 1994

4th IT Management Forum

Telework as a Solution for Metropolis Hong Kong


23 May 1994

3rd IT Management Forum

Outsourcing Information Services


30 Nov 1993

2nd IT Management Forum

Managing Technological Change


4 Oct 1993

1st IT Management Forum

Is IT Out of Corporate Control?