The BBA-OM Program offers two Options for students to have specialization in the respective areas.  Student may opt to graduate with or without an option.

Students who take an option MUST complete all requirements specified in addition to the major requirements.  Courses taken as Option Required Courses CANNOT be counted towards the OM major requirements.

Business Analytics Option (for 2014-15 intake and after)

Option Required Courses 
ISOM 3360 - Data Mining for Business Analytics* 3 credits
ISOM 3900 - Decision Analytics 3 credits
Extra required courses/credits for BA Option 2 courses (6 credits)

* ISOM3360 is an IS course which cannot be used to fulfill the BBA-OM major requirements except as required course for this BA Option.

Besides the Option Required Courses as listed above, students should take 4 elective courses (selected from a restricted list of OM and statistics courses):

- ISOM 3530      Business Data Analytics
- ISOM 3540      Introduction to Probability Models
- ISOM 4520      Statistics for Financial Risk Management
- ISOM 4530      Statistical Analysis of Financial Data in R/S-plus
- ISOM 4540      Time Series Analysis and Forecasting
- ISOM 4720      Simulation in Business and Management
- ISOM 4740      Enterprise Resource Management
- ISOM 4780      Integrated Planning and Execution
- ISOM 4810      OM Best Practices
- ISOM 4820      Revenue Management
- ISOM 4830      Analytics for Service Operations
- ISOM 4840      Financial Service Operations Management
- ISOM 4880      Operations Management Project


Supply Chain Management Option (for students admitted in 2017-18 and after) 

Option Required Courses 
ISOM 3760 - Logistics Management 3 credits

Choose ONE course from the list:

*ISOM 3730 Quality and Process Management (2018-19 intake and after)/
ISOM 4740 Enterprise Resource Management/
ISOM 4750 Business Project Management /
ISOM 4780 Integrated Planning and Execution

3 credits
Extra required courses/credits for SCM Option 2 courses (6 credits)

Students admitted in 2017-18 intake should take ISOM 3770/ISOM 4740/ISOM 4750/ISOM 4780 in addition to ISOM 3760

Besides the Option Required Courses as listed above, students should complete the BBA-OM major requirements as specified in the BBA-OM "Program Curriculum" section.  For the Elective(s), students may take any 4 ISOM courses coded between 3500 and 3999; 4500 and 4999  with a minimum of 12 credits.  Courses taken as Option Required Courses under BBA-OM CANNOT be reused to count towards the OM major program requirements (neither OM required course nor OM elective course) at the same time.

Declaration of Option 

Students who wish to declare the BA or SCM Option can do so in their FINAL term of study by completing an online application form and submit to bbaom@ust.hk before the deadline announced in each term.We will inform students of the link to fill in the form and the submission deadline before each regular term by email.