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Sample Projects

Inventory Replenishment Decisions Using an Ordering Alert System

Sponsor: Chinese Pharmaceuticals (HK) Company Ltd (
Project description: 
The main objective of this project is to create a monthly ordering alert system for product replenishment. This alert system will enable the company to:

  1. Facilitate the optimal stock level using the forecast demand while minimizing the chance of stock out.
  2. Keep a clearer track of the inventory level on a monthly basis to generate a more precise stock level for order quantity.
  3. Reconcile the forecast and actual demand data to indicate when the forecasting model will need to be adjusted.

Airline Crew Scheduling Problem Analysis and Specialized Set-Covering Solution for Creating a Flight Timetable

Sponsor: Air Hongkong (
Project description:
In the airline industry, crew planning and scheduling is among the most challenging tasks. Researchers and software companies invest large amount of resources in developing the decision support tools that optimize the crew schedule. However, the objective of planning a schedule that covers all flights with the minimum numbers of crew members is not an easy task. The difficulty arises from the huge number of possibilities and the large amount of constraints. Some of the constraints would be the government regulations concerning duty time and required rest of the crew, availability of flights, aircraft maintenance schedules and crew training schedule. In this project, the team attempted to find the minimal number of crew pairs required for AHK to sustain its operations. The team developed a linear model with Microsoft Excel together with Risk Solver Premium Xpress Engine to identify the minimum of crew pairs required to handle all the flight schedules for Air Hongkong.

Assigning Part Time Workers in Auction Periods through Linear Optimization Model

Sponsor: Christie’s Hong Kong (
Project description:
In this project, the team developed a linear optimization model for scheduling of part time workers at Christie’s Hong Kong, the local office of the leading auction company. The assignment and planning process they built with the Excel optimization model was very different from the current practice of the company, which was done manually by the HR team. The Excel optimization model was able to help the HR team to achieve an optimal solution in hiring and assigning temporary workers and an assignment plan that would be easily updated by the HR managers

Shift Scheduling for Retail Operations

Sponsor: Arome Bakery (
Project description:
Arome Bakery is a retail business in which labor force plays a very important role. It needs a good arrangement of staffs in order to have efficient store operations. Currently, there are two 10-hour duty shifts in each store to run approximately 12 hours of retail business. There is huge time overlapping between two shifts. In order to deliver optimal services, allocation of manpower resources is needed to be carefully determined. The objective of this project is to identify methods to facilitate daily manpower planning for the stores.

Inventory Models for Perishable Products

Sponsor: Arome Bakery (
Project description:
Cake and bread items are fresh in nature because product shelf life is short and quality is perishable quickly.  Arome provides more than 6 product categories, carrying over 200 SKUs with 1-3 days shelf life.  Inaccurate stock projection will result in wastage and high food cost.  It is very critical to strike the balance between product ordering and stock keeping according to sales projection.  The major output of this project is to develop a guideline for operations crew in stock projection.

Create a Flexible Model to Support Late or Last Minutes Delivery Shipment

Sponsor: GAP Inc. (
Project description:
Gap Inc’s global logistics team supports finished good transportation from vendor handover point at origin transfer point to Gap destination markets globally. In Gap Inc, 80% of sourcing unit are shipped via ocean freight and the logistics team has direct contract with the top ocean carrier like Maersk, One, APL, CMA, Hyundai, OOCL, Yang Ming, MSC. To enable consolidation and better utilize the container space, they offer only one sailing per week which push vendor delivery in one CFS cutoff date and cause operational constrain on the space / resource. The situation getting worse during the peak season due to the volume spike. The primary objective of this project is to create a process and a work model/system to enable the capability especially for late and last minutes delivery.

Quality Control and Process Improvement

Sponsor: Hong Kong Hospital Authority, Chai Wan Laundry ( )
Project description:
Chai Wan Laundry (CWL), being one of the largest public healthcare laundries in Hong Kong, provides linen and laundry services to seven public hospitals and 62 clinics. Managed under the Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital of the Hospital Authority, CWL has a workforce of over 120 employees yielding an annual output of 16.5 million pieces of linen and uniform items. Infection control is one of the major task in laundry operation. CWL has developed various control measures to ensure service quality. The project is to review existing quality control system and analyze quality control data to seek opportunities for improvement.

Predictive Analytics in Supply Chain Management

Sponsor: LF Logistics ( )
Project description:
Develop forecasting and predictive models to support design, planning, and operations. Apply statistical analysis and mathematical optimization techniques in the areas of logistics, transportation, and supply chain management. Apply data mining, statistical analysis, machine learning techniques, pattern recognition, and spatiotemporal analysis to turn data into actionable insights and to predict outcomes.