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Award Recipients - 2022-23
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Award Recipients - 2022-23

WONG Hor Kei, Year 4

As a final year business student majoring in Information Systems (IS), I am incredibly grateful for the enriching journey I have had. The IS program at UST has been a wonderful experience, exposing me to a wide range of IS-related concepts, tools, and technologies. Through practical experience in the field, I gained a deeper understanding of IS concepts and a stronger confidence in the future of the IS/IT sector. With the rapid pace of technological breakthroughs today, IS students have countless opportunities to explore and leverage. I wholeheartedly recommend students who have not yet declared a major to consider the IS program, which offers a dynamic and exciting learning experience with numerous opportunities for hands-on learning, research, and innovation. Let's thrive together in the world of Information Systems!

HO Lok Yiu, Year 3

It is my third year studying Information Systems and it has always been a refreshing journey to take different kinds of courses for practical knowledge. As a penultimate-year student, internship opportunities are extremely important since it is related to my competitiveness in this industry when I graduate. Hence, acquiring practical knowledge about different programming languages becomes my priority when I exchange to NTU in the spring semester. As I am trying to pursue a data analyst working position in my internship, I decided to study a course about machine learning with Python even though its credits cannot be transferred. It helps strengthen my technical skills which are potentially applicable when I work as a data analyst. I hope that I could achieve my goal and utilize the skills I learned in the exchange program in my internship, and also in my future career.

LAI Ka Ho, Year 3

Being an IS student allows me to be inculcated with both business and technical knowledge. The business acumen nurtured in the course projects and the improved technical skill sets, made me well-versed in understanding business requirements, and to utilise data and digital tools for designing solutions for project management. The IS major offers multifaceted courses – ranging from the fundamental ISOM3210 Database Design & Administration to the ISOM4000C Digital Strategy & Transformation for cultivating strategic thinking in IS. This is vital for students to become a generalist whilst having a specialisation to thrive in any industry. IS enhanced my job-readiness. 

The flexible curriculum available here at HKUST allows me to pursue my personal interests – I will be able to study various courses beyond my major and school, and I manage to free up more time to develop extracurriculars and to be volunteers for contributing back to society.

LEE Man Lok, Year 3

A lot has happened in the world of technology throughout this year, the introduction of metaverse and ChatGPT being the largest among all. Such changes have only consolidated my view of technology and its adoption in business will change the world. This is exactly what information systems is about. In the past year, I have learned technical skills like database design, and R and SQL programming. I have also polished soft skills like working with teammates and delivering a decent presentation. These are crucial skills to help you succeed in not only tech-related jobs, but almost all jobs in the tech-shaped future. I want to work in the field of technology, perhaps in fintech where a lot of technological changes in Hong Kong takes place, contributing my knowledge, skills and whatever little force to that change, to a better future.

LEUNG Tsz Hei, Year 3

My passion for technology and its impact on businesses has driven me to study Information Systems. IS is a field that presents numerous opportunities for innovation, empowering businesses to improve efficiency through applying the latest technologies. As a multidisciplinary field of study, IS provides a diverse range of career paths for individuals with different backgrounds and interests. In my previous internship experience as a business analyst, I have applied my knowledge in IS to assist the development of computer automation programs for clients. Being able to deliver solid benefits to clients in terms of improved productivity, I have had a great sense of achievement.

Looking towards the future, I plan to further my understanding in data analysis and cloud computing through taking the relevant university courses and self-studying. I would like to pursue a career in the technology industry and utilize my knowledge for the good of society.

TANG Hadrian Wai To, Year 3

Before choosing Information Systems, I am open to any technology major. My HKDSE score matched the entry score for IS, so IS was good enough. However, after studying IS, I found many more unconsidered reasons to choose IS. 

IS applies technology to business fields. Unlike non-business subjects, IS involves less mathematics focus while being easier to achieve excellent academic . HKUST IS courses also provides not only comprehensive technical training, including Databases, Natural Language Processing, Data Mining but also real applications in business jobs .

Being part of Business School, IS students can also add additional majors in business easily to widen their career paths, whereas outside students face the thick business core courses if they attempt a business major. Therefore, I also major in Operations Management, which nicely complements IS with classes on ERP systems, Excel optimisation, and Decision Analytics. They even coexist in one department!

KWAN Pui Lam, Year 2

Over the past two years at university, I have acquired various valuable skills, including data analysis and Python programming. The IS courses I have taken, such as ISOM 2020 and ISOM 2600, have given me a solid foundation and equipped me with essential skills and knowledge for my future career. During my internship, I have been able to apply what I learn in class to real-world situations, for example, data analysis. In today’s business world, I believe that technology plays a critical role in any successful business, which is one of the reasons why I chose to major in Information Systems. I am confident that the knowledge I gained in the IS courses will help me advance my future career.

LAI Ming Xuan, Year 2 

Choosing Information Systems as my major has been a great decision. It satisfies my interests in data and technology while keeping me grounded with practical skills for the business world. I would say IS students are versatile, there are numerous career paths to choose from, including IS auditing, Business Analytics, digital consulting, and even software development. IS courses taught me many aspects of technology such as database management, information systems design, data mining, and web analytics. These courses made me discover my passion for business analytics which fills in the gap between the technical and business team. The IS department always provides students with significant support to build their careers. The professors and TAs I have encountered so far are really helpful and by talking to them I can get more insights into the industry. I’m excited to continue my journey in IS and see where it leads me to.

LEUNG Cheuk Yan, Year 2

I chose Information Systems (IS) as my major with great enthusiasm because it has nurtured me into a problem solver, critical thinker, and equipped me with technical skills and strong business acumen. IS has helped me discover my potential in both technical and business areas, and provides many relevant courses, such as IS auditing, machine learning, and fintech, which are currently prevalent trends. I have leveraged my knowledge from ISOM 3400 to improve my Python coding skills, and ISOM 2310 to gain a deeper understanding of the e-commerce industry. In the future, I see myself as a management consultant, and I believe that the IS major has equipped me with data analytical tools and programming languages to transform massive data into commonly understood language. 

WONG Sin Tung, Year 2

Nowadays, more and more companies integrate information systems into their daily operations. Businesses are employing technology to solve problems and enhance efficiency. 
BBA in Information systems is designed to respond to such trends. It is a very useful and practical program as it equips us with skills that are applicable to quite a lot of careers. For instance, there are courses related to python and data analytics. Knowing these skills may put us in an advantageous position in job hunting. 

So far, I have taken two IS related courses in HKUST, namely ISOM 2010 Introduction to Information Systems and ISOM 3400 Business Applications Development in Python. ISOM2010 provides students an overview of digital economy, e-commerce and data analytics while ISOM3400 focuses on python programming in business settings. I have had a great time studying both courses and I am looking forward to taking other ISOM courses in HKUST!