About curriculum

For the IS elective requirements, it says “Any 3 ISOM courses totaling 10 credits coded between 3000 and 3499; 4000 and 4499” in the IS curriculum. Can I take more than 3 such courses totaling more than 10 credits?

Yes. "10 credits" is the minimum requirement. You can take more than 3 courses/10 credits (e.g. 4x 3-credit courses totaling 12 credits) to fulfill the IS elective requirements.

Can I take 1000- or 2000-level courses to fulfill the IS elective requirements?

No. For the IS elective requirements, you shall take ISOM courses coded between 3000 and 3499; 4000 and 4499.

Among the IS required courses, besides ISOM 3210 and ISOM 3260 that I must take, there are ISOM 3230 or ISOM 3320 or ISOM 3360 from which I can choose one to take. Which one should I take?

Students are recommended to take ISOM 3230. Unless you have taken COMP 1022Q, which is an exclusion of ISOM 3230, then you may take ISOM 3320 or ISOM 3360. This is applicable to students admitted to HKUST in or before 2017-18.

Since another IS required course, ISOM 3260 (usually to be taken after the other two IS required courses) requires programming background and thus has prerequisite ISOM 3230 or ISOM 3320 or ISOM 3400, if you just take ISOM 3360 before (instead of ISOM 3230 or ISOM 3320 among the IS required courses), you will lack the prerequisite for taking ISOM 3260.

I have taken COMP 1022Q and so I cannot take ISOM 3230 as it is an exclusion course. Can I take ISOM 3260 which has ISOM 3230 as prerequisite?

Yes. We may waive the prerequisite for you to take ISOM3260 if you have already taken COMP1022Q. You may submit a "Requisite Waiver" request through SIS during course validation and course enrollment period for course instructor's approval.

Is there any 4-credit IS course that I can take to fulfill the IS elective requirements?

ISOM3380 (usually offered in Spring) is a 4-credit course.

I find that ISOM 3400 is among one of the IS required courses, can I take it to be the IS required course then?

This is the curriculum for students admitted to HKUST in 2018-19 and after. Students of earlier intakes should refer to https://prog-crs.ust.hk/ugprog and choose the curriculum specified for their intake.

There may be some "Special Topics in IS" courses, such as ISOM 3000C and ISOM 4000A, offered from time to time. Can I take them to fulfill the IS elective requirements?

Yes. They are ISOM courses coded between 3000 and 3499, and 4000 and 4499, so they are IS elective courses.


About Option

There are two Options under BBA-IS. Can I take both Options?

Yes, if you belong to the eligible intake (i.e. 2014-15 intake or after for taking both Options), you can opt for both Options.

Note that in such case, you have to take the four Option required courses IN ADDITION to the IS major program requirements.

Can the courses taken for the Option(s) be counted towards the IS major program requirements at the same time?

No. Students who take an Option MUST complete all Option requirements specified IN ADDITION to the major program requirements. Courses taken as Option Required Courses under BBA-IS CANNOT be reused to count towards the IS major program requirements (neither IS required course nor IS elective course) at the same time. For example, if you take the ISA Option, you will have to take at least 26 credits (20 credits for the IS major program + 6 credits for the Option required courses) to fulfill both the IS major program and the ISA Option requirements.

Can I use ISOM 3900 (BA Option required course) to fulfil IS major program requirements?

No. ISOM3900 is an OM course and it CANNOT be counted towards the IS major program requirements.

If I want to graduate with the Option(s), do I need to declare?

Yes. If you want to graduate with the ISA or BA Option under BBA-IS, you need to submit an online application before commencement of your FINAL regular term of study. We will inform students of the link and deadline before each regular term by email.


About course enrollment

I have declared IS as additional major, but I find that during course enrollment, I cannot get into the IS courses. Is there different treatment of course enrollment for major and additional major students?

The only difference is in the pre-enrollment of IS required courses, where ARR will pre-enroll major students in the required courses according to the recommended study pathway of the major program, additional major students need to enroll in the required courses by themselves. For enrolling in IS elective courses, IS major and additional major students enjoy the same priority and same treatment. Reserved "IS" quota can be taken up by both IS major and additional major studnets without any differentiation.

I am declared IS major students but I have been put on the waitlist for IS courses even though there are "IS" quota available. Is there a problem and what should I do?

The system may need some time to clear some back-end checking before enrolling you. So please wait for a while for the system to run and update, and keep track of your enrollment status. If you find that you have been staying on the waitlist for quite a while, you should if you have any problem, like timetable clash or credit overload, that hindered your enrollment in the course, and resolve them as soon as possible. Or else, you will only be staying on the waitlist.

I notice that the classroom has a capacity that can take in more students than the quota offered. Could more seats be opened for students on the waitlist to get in?

Kindly understand that different courses/instructors may have different setting/concern regarding the optimum class size in consideration of achieving the best teaching and learning environment, and conducting effective class activities, while classroom capacity may not be the only deciding factor in determining the class size/quota.

I have enrolled in a course with lab section, now I just want to swap to another lab section without changing my lecture section. How can I do so?

For questions/problems concerning the course enrollment system, such as how to swap between sections, we will advise you to visit the ARR website for answers to frequently asked questions: http://arr.ust.hk/reg/cr/cr_std_ug/regug_faqE.html. Or you may approach the Academic Registry Class Enrollment Enquiry Counter for thier appropriate advice and assistance.


About internship

I heard that some students work on a one-year/term internship, where can I get such opportunity?

We will refer relevant internship opportunities to our IS major students through email from time to time. SBM and Career Center sometimes may also refer internship/job opportunities to us for promoting particularly to IS students. Some companies may seek our help in recruiting or nominating suitable candidates for their job posts. We will help with the screening based on the company requirements and make our nomination to the company. For some cases, you can just apply directly to the companies for their own selection.

Students may also refer to the SBM Job Bank which has a list of job posts related to business disciplines, some are specific to IS students. The Career Center of the University also has a pool of job opportunities where you may find suitable placements.

So do pay attention to our email on internship/job referral, or check the SBM Job Bank/Career Center constantly for latest job advertisements.

How can and when should I apply for study leave for taking up internship?

If you find a study-related internship, you should apply to us (or your major program) for study leave as soon as possible and before the start of the regular term. Please submit form RR-8 (downloadable from ARR website http://arr.ust.hk/reg/in/in_forms/forms_std_student/forms_std_student.html) together with the original copy of the employment contract with details of the job title, job duties and duration etc. for endorsement and vertification. For study leave beyond one term, further approval from SBM is required, so please allow sufficient time to process your application before the term starts. 


About exchange

I am going on exchange in the coming term, I want to know what courses are approved for credit transfer?

Before taking a course elsewhere, you should visit the "Course Transfer" website: https://crtran.ust.hk/ to check the procedures and make sure that you take approved equivalent courses at the host institution. You should check the Course Equivalence Database for information on the transfer credits approved in the past.

What should I do if the course that I plan to take is not an approved one listed in the Course Equivalence Database?

If the course cannot be found in the database, you should seek pre-approval well in advance by submitting a course assessment form with relevant course details to ARR before the actual study.  Please visit the "Course Transfer" website: https://crtran.ust.hk/ for the relevant procedures for course assessment. 



I want to self-declare IS as additional major, can I do so?

Yes. If you can complete all IS major program requirements by the time you graduate, you can declare it as your additional major in your final regular term of study. You may visit the SBM website here https://bmundergrad.hkust.edu.hk/academics/academic-planning/graduation-matters for more information on self-declaration of additional major and follow the procedures and timeline as prescribed by SBM.