The Master of Philosophy (MPhil) programs is a research-oriented degree that aims to prepare students for a research and teaching career in universities and research institutes.

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Its includes two streams: Operations Management (OM), and Statistics. Students intending to do a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Operations Management at HKUST should consider entering the MPhil program to acquire the training necessary for a PhD degree.


Program Requirements

Introductory Quantitative Requirement

Unless students have clearly demonstrated sufficient knowledge in the area, students entering the MPhil program are required to take the following two mathematics-oriented courses in the first regular term of study. The credits earned from these two courses cannot be counted toward the degree requirements.

ECON 5100 Mathematics for Business and Economics
ISOM 5540 Introduction to Probability

RPg Professional Development Requirement

Students are required to complete and pass PDEV 6770 Professional Development in Academia for Business in their first 1.5 years of study. Part-time students may be given extension to complete this course, subject to prior approval of the Department Head and PG Coordinator. The 1 credit earned from this course cannot be counted toward the credit requirements.

Course Requirement

Students are required to take at least 36 credits. Students may need to take additional courses related to their research topics, as requested by their thesis supervisors. Students are required to take the following required courses in their first year of study.

For both OM and Statistics Streams:

  • LANG 5002 Postgraduate English for Business and Social Science Studies
  • ISOM 5550 Statistical Methods for Business and Economics I

One of the following courses:

  • ECON 5130 Microeconomic Analysis
  • ECON 5210 Microeconomic Theory I
  • ECON 5300 Econometrics
  • ISOM 5610 Introduction to Business Analytics
  • MGMT 7100 Behavioral Science

For OM stream

The following three courses:

  • IEDA 5230 Deterministic Models in Operations Research
  • IEDA 5250 Stochastic Models in Operations Research
  • ISOM 5700 Operations Management

In year two, students are required to take other postgraduate courses as advised by their supervisors.

Thesis Requirement

Students are required to register in ISOM 6990 MPhil Thesis Research, and present and orally defend the MPhil thesis.