MPhil/PhD in Operations Management & Statistics

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Operations Management

Chair Professor Prof. Albert HA Coordination of product and process development; stochastic models for production and inventory control; incentive in operations; supply chain management.
Chair Professor Prof. Shaohui ZHENG Supply chain management, production and quality control, queueing systems, and Markov decision processes.
Chair Professor Prof. Ying-Ju CHEN Sucially responsible operations, operations-marketing interface, and supply chain management
Deputy Head/ Professor Prof. Qing LI Supply chain management; marketing/ operations interfaces; coordination of replenishment and pricing decisions; multi-item or multi-location inventory systems.
Professor Prof. Hongtao ZHANG Coordination of global operations; supply chain management; value of information and incentives for information exchange; service planning wth general variability; analysis and control of stochastic systems
Associate Professor Prof. Ki Ling CHEUNG Total quality management; supply chain management; production and operation management.
Associate Professor of Business Education Prof. Ronald LAU Operations management, enterprise resource planning; SAP software applications; supply chain management; quality management
Professor Prof. Man YU Pricing and revenue management; OM/marketing interface; Assemble-to-Order systems.
Assistant Professor Prof. Lijian LU

Data-driven decision-making in operations management and service systems. Supply chain management, pricing and revenue management, healthcare, Finance-operations interface, online digital economics, empirical and structural estimation.

Assistant Professor Prof Guodong LYU Supply Chain Visibility, Smart City Operations, Sustainable Development
Assistant Professor Prof. Dongwook SHIN Dynamic pricing and revenue management in e-commerce, machine learning and sequential decision making in operations research context, business and Sports analytics
Assistant Professor Prof. Yiwen SHEN Empirical modeling, data-driven decision making, healthcare operations Asset pricing, information dynamics, financial engineering
Assistant Professor Prof. Xuan WANG Supply chain management; optimization; revenue management; business analytics

Business Statistics

Chair Professor Prof. Lancelot JAMES Bayesian Non-parametric Statistics; Bayesian Machine Learning; Beta-Gamma-Stable Distribution Theory; Combinatorial Stochastic Processes; Computational Finance; Financial Econometrics; Random Measures.
Chair Professor Prof. Yingying LI Financial econometrics; financial risk management high-frequency data; volatility estimation and market microstructure; statistical inference for stochastic processes; asymptotic statistics
Professor Prof. Mike K P SO Nonlinear time series analysis; financial time series modeling; market volatility study; modeling the dynamic structure of economic data; Value at Risk estimation in financial markets.
Professor Prof. Xinghua ZHENG Stochastic interacting particle systems, random walks; statistical inference for financial models, random matrices.

Associate Professor

Prof. Xuhu WAN

Contract History; industry organization; risk measurement pricing and hedging; enterprise risk management; stochastic analysis and control.

Assistant Professor Prof. Carsten CHONG Asymptotic Statistics, High-Frequency Data, Financial Econometrics, Nonparametric Methods, Panel Data of Option Prices, Stochastic Volatility and Risk Management
Assistant Professor Prof. Lucy XIA High-dimensional Statistics; Machine Learning; Statistical Applications to Social Science and Biology.