MPhil/PhD in Information Systems

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Head/Elman Family Professor of Business/Chair Professor Prof. Kai Lung HUI Information privacy and security; electronic commerce; economics of information systems
Chair Professor/Dean Prof. Kar Yan Tam

Electronic Commerce; big data; personalization and HCI

Michael Jebsen Professor of Business/Chair Professor Prof. James Y L THONG User acceptance of IT innovations; human-computer interaction; e-government, computer ethics
Professor Prof.  Yan XU Telecommunications regulations and policy; operational management of telecommunications; management information system
Associate Professor Prof. Weiyin HONG Human computer interaction; fintech; internet privacy concern; user response to emerging technologies
Associate Professor Prof. Tat Koon KOH Digital economy; e-commerce; platform design and strategy; open innovation; crowdsourcing
Associate Professor Prof. Dongwon LEE Customer analytics; mobile commerce; digital nudging; digital transformation, platform/protocol economy
Associate Professor Prof. Jing WANG Crowdsourcing; web-based behavioral experiments; user-generated content; social networks; data mining
Associate Professor Prof. Hong XU Strategic information communication; auditing; supply chain management; user-generated content; online reputation; game theory
Associate Professor Prof. Yi YANG Machine learning; data mining
Associate Professor Prof. Xiaojun ZHANG Implementation of knowledge management systems and job outcomes; social networks and culture; IT and healthcare
Associate Professor Prof. Rong ZHENG Predictive modeling for business intelligence; computational text analysis; social network analytics
Assistant Professor Prof. Yanzhen CHEN FinTech; machine learning; game theory; industrial organization; Bayesian statistics
Assistant Professor Prof. Carlos FERNÁNDEZ-LORÍA Automated decision making; statistical inference for treatment assignment policies; causal inference; interpretable machine learning
Assistant Professor Prof. Ohchan KWON Technology and innovation management; entrepreneurship; digital economy; crowdsourcing; strategic human capital  
Assistant Professor  Prof. Zhitao YIN Technological innovation; intellectual property; machine behavior