Deputy Head
Qing LI
Operations Management
Deputy Head, Professor
Qing LI

Research Interests

  • Supply chain management
  • Behavioral operations management
  • Business Analytics

Academic qualification

  • PhD  University of British Columbia, Operations and Logistics
  • MS    Fudan University, Information Systems
  • BS    Tsinghua University, Automation

Academic And Professional Experience

  • Deputy Head of ISOM, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), Aug 2023-present
  • Professor of ISOM, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), July 2017-present
  • Associate Professor of ISOM, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), July 2008 - June 2017
  • Assistant Professor of ISMT, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), 2001 - June 2008

Selected Publications

  • Du, L., Li, Q., Yu, P., 2024, "A sequential model for high-volume recruitment under random yields", Operations Research, 72 (1), 60-90.
  • Li, Q., Yu, P., 2023, "Perishable inventory systems", In Research Handbook on Inventory Management, edited by J. S. Song. Edward Elgar Publishing.
  • Li, Q., Tang, C. S., 2022, "Unlocking the value of innovative selling: Information and options", Management and Business Review (MBR), (3), 54-57.
  • Yu, P., Zhang, Z. and Li, Q., 2022, "Traffic channeling under uncertain conversion rates on e-commerce platforms", Naval Research Logistics, 70 (1), 34-52.
  • Li, Q., Yu, P. and Du, L., 2022, "Separation of Perishable Inventories in Offline Retailing through Transshipment", Operations Research70 (2), 666-689.
  • Li, Q., and Yu, P., 2021,  "The Secretary Problem with Multiple Job Vacancies and Batch Candidate Arrivals", Operations Research Letters49, 535-542.
  • Chen, T., Gong, X., Li, Q., and Xu, H., 2021, "Multi-season production planning under export quotas", Naval Research Logistics68 (3), 279-294.
  • Li, Q., Tang, C. S. and Xu, H., 2020, "Mitigating the double-blind effect in opaque selling: Inventory and information", Production and Operations Management29 (1), 35-54..
  • Du, L. and Li,  Q., 2020, "A Data-driven Approach to High-volume Recruitment: Application to Student Admission", Manufacturing & Service Operations Management22 (5), 942-957.
  • Li, Q., Yu, P. and Wu, X., 2017, “Shelf Life Extending Packaging, Inventory Control and Grocery Retailing”, Production and Operations Management, 26 (7), 1369-1382.
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  • Li, Q., and Atkins, D,  2005, “On The Effect of Demand Randomness on a Price/Quantity Setting Firm”,  IIE Transactions37 (12), 1143-1153.
  • Li, Q., and Atkins, D., 2002, “Coordinating Replenishment and Pricing in A Firm”, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management4 (4), 241-257.
  • Li, Q., and Yiu, K, Temp staffing at Christie’s – an operations management approach.
  • Li, Q., and Hughes, R., Labor problems at 7-Eleven’s combined distribution centre.
Working Papers

Service Activities Within College And Profession

  • Associate Editor for Operations Research Letters, 2022-
  • Associate Editor for Naval Research Logistics: special issue on analytics and operations of online retailing
  • Guest senior editor for Production and Operations Management
  • Reviewer for Management Science, Operations Research, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management
  • Member of INFORMS and MSOM


  • M&SOM  Meritorious Service Award (2014)
  • Finalist for Franklin Teaching Award (2011)