Assistant Professor
Guodong LYU
Operations Management
Assistant Professor
Guodong LYU

Research Interests

  • Supply Chain Visibility
  • Smart City Operations
  • Sustainable Development

Academic Qualification

  • PhD National University of Singapore, Department of Analytics & Operations
  • B.Sc. Beijing Normal University, School of Educational Technology

Academic And Professional Experience

  • Assistant Professor of ISOM, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 2022 - Present
  • Research Fellow, Institute of Operations Research & Analytics, National University of Singapore, 2021 - 2022


  • Lyu, G., Cheung, W., Teo, C.P. and Wang, H., 2023. Multiobjective Stochastic Optimization: A Case of Real-time Matching in Ride-sourcing Markets. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management (Articles in Advance).
  • Liang, J., Lyu, G., Teo, C.P. and Gao, Z., 2023. Online Passenger Flow Control in Metro Lines. Operations Research, 71(2), 768-775 (Featured Article).
  • Zheng, H., Lyu, G., Ke, J. and Teo, C.P., 2022. From Targeting to Transfer: Design of Allocation Rules in Cash Transfer Programs. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 24(6), 2901-2924.
  • Lyu, G. and Teo, C.P., 2022. Last Mile Innovation: The Case of the Locker Alliance Network. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 24(5), 2425-2443.
  • Lyu, G., Chou, M. C., Teo, C.P., Zheng, Z. and Zhong, Y., 2021. Stochastic Knapsack Revisited: The Service Level Perspective. Operations Research, 70(2), 729-747.
  • Sun, L., Lyu, G., Yu, Y. and Teo, C.P., 2021. Cross-Border E-commerce Data Set: Choosing the Right Fulfillment Option. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 23(5), 1297-1313.
  • Sun, L., Lyu, G., Yu, Y. and Teo, C.P., 2020. Fulfillment by Amazon versus Fulfillment by Seller: An Interpretable Risk-Adjusted Fulfillment Model. Naval Research Logistics, 67, 627-645.
  • Lyu, G., Cheung, W., Chou, M. C., Teo, C.P., Zheng, Z. and Zhong, Y., 2019. Capacity Allocation in Flexible Production Networks: Theory and Applications. Management Science, 65(11), 5091-5109.

Working Papers

  • Wang Q., Lyu, G. and Teo, C.P. Prioritization via Parametric Optimization.
  • Sun, L., Lyu, G. and Teo, C.P. What Moves the Customers? Adoption of Self-Service Technology in the Last Mile.
  • Wang Q., Lyu, G., He, L. and Teo, C.P. Does Locker Alliance Network Improve Last Mile Delivery Efficiency? An Analysis using Prize-collecting Traveling Salesman Model.
  • Lyu, G., Teo, C.P., Wang, Q. and Zhang, G. Efficiency-Fairness Trade-Offs: A Convex Reformulation.

Service Activities Within College And Profession

  • Reviewer for Management Science, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Production and Operations Management, Transportation Science, etc.

Funded Projects

  • GRF Research Grant (PI), Hong Kong RGC (2023 - 2026), “Chasing Sustainability in Last-mile Delivery: Rollout of Parcel Locker Networks.”
  • NUS & IMDA Research Grant (Co-I), National University of Singapore (2018 - 2020), “Last Mile Delivery in Smart City Operations.”

Honors And Awards

  • Finalist in 2019 George B. Dantzig Dissertation Award Competition, INFORMS, 2019
  • President Graduate Fellowship, National University of Singapore, 2016 - 2018
  • NUS Research Scholarship, National University of Singapore, 2014 - 2016