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Operations Management
Guan, Xu; Huang, Song; Chen, Ying Ju
Omega, v. 108, 2022, article number 102564
Information Systems
Yang, Yi; Zhang, Kunpeng; Fan, Yangyang
Information Systems Research, 2022
Operations Management
Li, Jian; Zhou, Junjie; Chen, Ying Ju
Journal of Economic Theory, v. 201, 2022, article number 105418
Business Statistics
James, Lancelot
Mathematics, v. 10, (4), 2022, article number 561
Information Systems
Xu, Yan; Huang, Minyi
Telecommunications Policy, v. 46, (2), 2022, article number 101956
Operations Management
Guo, Qiaozhen; Chen, Ying Ju; Huang, Wei
Omega, v. 109, 2022, article number 102592
Operations Management
Lyu, Guodong; Chou, Mabel C.; Teo, Chung-Piaw; Zheng, Zhichao; Zhong, Yuanguang
Operations Research, v. 70, (2), 2022, p. 729-747
Information Systems
Li, Guangrui (Kayla); So, Mike Ka Pui; Tam, Kar Yan
ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems, v. 13, (2), 2022, article number 19, p. 1-30
Operations Management
Hsiao, Lu; Chen, Ying Ju; Xiong, Hui; Liu, Haoyu
Omega, v. 109, 2022, article number 102590
Operations Management
Wang, Shixin; Wang, Xuan; Zhang, Jiawei
Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, v. 24, (1), 2022, p. 632-646