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Operations Management
Chen, Ying Ju; Zenou, Yves; Zhou, Junjie
Journal of Economic Theory, 2022, article number 105491
Operations Management
Wu, Allen; Jin, Chen; Chen, Ying Ju
Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 2022
Operations Management
Li, Jian; Zhou, Junjie; Chen, Ying Ju
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Operations Management
Chen, Ningyuan; Chen, Ying Ju
Operations Research, v. 69, (2), 2021, p. 545-559
Operations Management
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Operations Management
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Operations Management
Chen, Ying Ju; Yang Chu, Leon
Naval Research Logistics, v. 67, (5), 2020, p. 321-333
Operations Management
He, Qiaochu; Chen, Ying Ju; Righter, Rhonda L.
Production and Operations Management, v. 29, (1), 2020, p. 90-100
Operations Management
Li, Qing; Tang, Christopher S.; Xu, He
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Operations Management
Liao, Chennan; Chen, Ying Ju
Omega (United Kingdom), v. 89, 2019, p. 151-163