Operations Management
Code Title Instructor(s) Remarks
ISOM5510 Data Analysis Prof. PAN, Baoqian 2 Credits
ISOM 5535 L1-L2 High Dimensional Statistics with Business Applications Prof. XIA, Lucy 2 Credits
ISOM 5550 Statistical Methods for Business and Economics I Prof. JAMES, Lancelot 3 Credits
ISOM 5640 L1-L2 Social Media and Network Analysis Prof. WAN, Xuhu 2 Credits
ISOM 5700  L1-L3 Operations Management Prof. HA, Albert Yiu Cheung 2 Credits
ISOM 5715 L1-L2 Decision Analytics Prof. YU, Man 2 Credits
ISOM 5740 Managing Financial Services Operations Prof. LI, Mark 2 Credits
ISOM 5770 Business Project Management Prof. LI, Qing 2 Credits
ISOM 5800 Business Modeling Prof. ZHANG, Hongtao 1 Credits
ISOM 5820 OM Best Practices Prof. LI, Qing 2 Credits
ISOM 6670E  Machine Learning for Prescriptive Business Analytics Prof. NASIRY, Javad 2 Credits
ISOM 6670F  Sustainable Operations Prof. NASIRY, Javad 2 Credits
ISOM 6790L  Service Analytics Prof. SHIN, Dongwook 2 Credits