Operations Management
Code Title Instructor(s) Remarks
ISOM 5510 L1 & L6 Data Analysis Prof. LI, Yingying 2 Credits
ISOM 5510 L2-L3 Data Analysis Prof. XIA, Lucy 2 Credits
ISOM 5510 L4-L5 & L7 Data Analysis Prof. PAN, Baoqian 2 Credits
ISOM 5540  Introduction to Probability Prof. JAMES, Lancelot 3 Credits
ISOM 5610 L1-L2 Introduction to Business Analytics Prof. PAN, Baoqian 2 Credits
ISOM 5620 L1-L2 Visual Analytics for Business Decisions Prof. HO, Jason  2 Credits
ISOM 5630 L1-L3 Business Analytics in R Prof. ZHENG, Xinghua 2 Credits
ISOM 5650 Learning Statistics with Python Prof. WAN, Xuhu 2 Credits
ISOM 5700 L1-L2 Operations Management  Prof. HA, Albert 2 Credits
ISOM 5700 L3-L4 Operations Management  Prof. WANG, Xuan 2 Credits
ISOM 5730 L1-L2 Global Supply Chain Management Prof. GURUMURTHI, Suryanarayanan 2 Credits
ISOM 5800 Business Modeling Prof. ZHANG, Hongtao 1 Credits
ISOM 5810 L1-L2 Business Modeling and Optimization Prof. ZHENG, Shaohui 2 Credits
ISOM 5810 L3-L4 Business Modeling and Optimization Prof. ZHANG, Hongtao 2 Credits
ISOM 5830 L1-L2 Simulation for Risk and Operations Analysis Prof. CHEN, Ying Ju 2 Credits