Operations Management
Code Title Instructor(s) Remarks
ISOM 5535 L1-L2 High Dimensional Statistics with Business Applications Prof. PAN, Baoqian  
ISOM 5550 Statistical Methods for Business and Economics I Prof. JAMES, Lancelot  
ISOM 5640 L1-L2 Social Media and Network Analysis Prof. WAN, Xuhu  
ISOM 5700  L1-L3 Operations Management Prof. HA, Albert Yiu Cheung  
ISOM 5715 L1-L2 Decision Analytics Prof. YU, Man  
ISOM 5740 Business Protections for Innovations Prof. LI, Mark  
ISOM 5770 Business Project Management Prof. LI, Qing  
ISOM 5800 Business Modeling Prof. ZHANG, Hongtao  
ISOM 5820 OM Best Practices Prof. LI, Qing  
ISOM 5830 Simulation for Risk and Operations Analysis Prof. CHEN, Ying Ju  
ISOM 5840 Logistics Management Prof. YU, Man  
ISOM 6670E L1-L2 Machine Learning for Prescriptive Business Analytics Prof. NASIRY, Javad  
ISOM 6790L  Service Analytics Prof. SHIN, Dongwook  
ISOM 6880 Project Study Prof. LI, Qing