Editorial Appointments

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Ying-Ju Chen

Associate Editor, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management (2017-present)
Senior Editor, Editorial Review Board, Production and Operations Management (2015–present)
Guest Associate Editor, Operations Research Letters

Ki Ling Cheung

Associate Editor, IIE Transactions on Scheduling and Logistics (1998-present)
Editorial Board Member, IIE Transactions on Scheduling and Logistics (1997-present)

Albert Ha

Department Editor, Supply Chain Management Department, Production and Operations Management (2012-present)
Associate Editor, Management Science (2000-present)
Associate Editor, Operations Research (2000-present)
Associate Editor, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management (2006-present)
Senior Editor, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management (2003-2005)
Senior Editor, Production and Operations Management (2007-2012)

Weiyin Hong Associate Editor, MIS Quarterly (2023-present)

Inchi Hu

Associate Editor, Statistica Sinica (2005–present)

Kai-Lung Hui

Department Editor (Economics of Information Systems), Business and Information Systems Engineering (BISE) (2017-present)
Board of Editors, Journal of Management Information Systems (2017-present)
Senior Editor, Information Systems Research (2015-2022)
Associate Editor, Information Systems Research (2011-2014)
Co-Editor, Electronic Commerce Research and Applications (ECRA) (2011-2013)

Qing Li

Guest Senior Editor, Production and Operations Management

Yingying Li

Associate Editor, Journal of Econometrics (2017-present)
Associate Editor, Journal of Financial Econometrics (2017-present)

Albert Lo

Associate Editor, Annals of Statistics (2007-2009)

Mike So

Associate Editor, Statistics and Probability Letters (2016-present)
Associate Editor, Econometrics and Statistics (2016-present)
Associate Editor, Asia-Pacific Financial Markets (2016-present)
Associate Editor, Journal of Business & Economic Statistics (2013-2016)
Associate Editor, Annals of Computational and Financial Econometrics (2013-2015)

Kar Yan Tam

Associate Editor, Information Systems Research (2007-2009)
Associate Editor, MIS Quarterly (1999-2001)
Board of Editors, Journal of Management Information Systems (2008-present)

James Thong

Senior Editor, MIS Quarterly (2017-2022)
Associate Editor, Information Systems Research (2010-2013)
Associate Editor, MIS Quarterly (2003-2005)

Jing Wang

Associate Editor, MIS Quarterly (2021-present)
Associate Editor, INFORMS Journal on Data Science (Dec 2023-present)
Associate Editor, Service Science (2024-present)

Hong Xu Associate Editor, Information Systems Research (2019-present)
Associate Editor, Journal of Electronic Commerce Research (2019-present)

Yan Xu

Guest Editor, Special Issue on Taiwan's telecommunications in the Era of the Internet, Chinese Journal of Communications (2013)

Hongtao Zhang

Senior Editor, Production and Operations Management (2012-present)

Rong Zheng

Associate Editor, Special Issue on Big Data Methods and Application, Journal of Management Analytics (2015)

Shaohui Zheng

Associate Editor, Operations Research (2000-2005) and (2009-present)

Xinghua Zheng

Associate Editor, Statistica Sinica (2017-present)