Assistant Professor
Dongwook SHIN
Operations Management
Assistant Professor
Dongwook SHIN

Research Interests

  • Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Management in E-commerce
  • Multichannel Retailing
  • Machine Learning and Sequential Decision Making in Operations Research Context
  • Business and Sports Analytics
  • Supply Chain Management

Academic Qualification

  • PhD 2017 Columbia University, Decision, Risk, and Operations
  • M.Sc. 2012 Columbia University, Operations Research
  • B.Sc. 2010 Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Industrial and Systems Engineering

Academic And Professional Experience

  • Assistant Professor of ISOM, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 2017 - present

Completed Articles

  • Shin, D. and Kadiyala, B., “Social Learning and Polarised Preference on Content Platforms,” Submitted. Manuscript available in SSRN.
  • Ahn, D., Shin, D. and Zeevi, A., “Feature Misspecification in Sequential Learning Problems,” Submitted. Manuscript available in SSRN.
  • Park, J. and Shin, D., "Multichannel Supply Chain Coordination with Strategic Customers," Submitted.

Working Papers

  • Park, J. and Shin, D., “Omnichannel Pricing Strategies under Product Value Uncertainty”
  • Chen, Y-J, Chen, H. and Shin, D., "Optimal Budget Allocation for Ad Campaigns in the Presence of Spillover and Carryover Effects"
  • Broadie, M. and Shin, D., “A Golf Putting Model for Optimal Targeting Strategies and Attribution Analysis”

Selected Publications

  • Shin, D., Broadie, M. and Zeevi, A., “Tractable Sampling Strategies for Ordinal Optimization”, Operations Research (2018), 66(6), 1693-1712.
  • Shin, D., Broadie, M. and Zeevi, A., "Practical Nonparametric Sampling Strategies for Quantile-based Ordinal Optimization,” INFORMS Journal on Computing (2022), 34(2):752-768.
  • Shin, D., Vaccari, S. and Zeevi, A., "Dynamic Pricing with Online Reviews," Management Science (2022), Articles in Advance:1-22.
  • Shin, D. and Zeevi, A., "Product Quality and Information Sharing in the Presence of Reviews," Management Science, Forthcoming.
  • Maglaras, C., Scarsini, M. Shin, D. and Vaccari, S., "Product Ranking in the Presence of Social Learning," Operations Research (2022), Articles in Advance:1-18.
  • Lee, D., Anandashivam, G. and Shin, D., "Nudging Private Ryan: Mobile Micro-Giving under Economic incentives and Audience Effects," MISQ, Forthcoming.
  • Shin, D. and Ahn, D., "Ordinal Optimization with Generalized Linear Models,” Proceedings of 2020 Winter Simulation Conference

Professional Activities

  • Reviewers for Management Science, Operations Research, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, Production and Operations Management, Naval Research Logistics, Asia-Pacific Journal of Operations Research, European Journal of Operations Research, Operations Research Letters
  • Member of INFORMS and MSOM Society


  • GRF Research Grant (PI), Hong Kong RGC (2021-2024), “Optimal Design of Sequential Experiments for Personalized Decision Making.” HKD 769,393
  • GRF Research Grant (PI), Hong Kong RGC (2021-2023), “Optimal Information Provision in Digital Content Markets.” HKD 564,520
  • ECS Research Grant (PI), Hong Kong RGC (2019-2021), “Optimal Budget Allocation for Online Ad Campaigns with Spillover and Carryover Effects.” HKD 567,200
  • Initiation Grant (PI), HKUST Internal Research Support Schemes (2017-2020), “Supply Contracts in Online Markets: Retailer Information Sharing and Manufacturer Quality Decisions.” HKD 100,000
  • Jerome A. Chazen Institute for Global Business Doctoral Grants
  • Paul and Sandra Montrone Doctoral Fellowship
  • Doctoral Fellowship, Columbia Business School
  • Best Bachelor Dissertation Award, KAIST