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Information Systems
Koh, Tat Koon; Cheung, Muller Yat Ming
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Information Systems
Xu, Yan; Huang, Minyi
Telecommunications Policy, v. 46, (2), 2022, article number 101956
Information Systems
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Management Science, v. 68, (5), 2022, p. 3175-3973
Information Systems
Koh, Tat Koon
Information Systems Research, v. 30, (2), 2019, p. 486-506
Information Systems
Li, Gen ISOM; Wang, Jing; Li
Journal of Management Information Systems, v. 36, (2), 2019, p. 546-573
Information Systems
Jaisingh, Jeevan; See-To, Eric Wing Kuen; Tam, Kar Yan
Journal of Management Information Systems, v. 25, (3), 2008, p. 241-276