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Operations Management
Cai, Wenbo; Chen, Ying-Ju
International Journal of Production Research, v. 55, (3), 2017, p. 904-923
Operations Management
He, Simai; Sethuraman, Jay; Wang, Xuan; Zhang, Jiawei
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Operations Management
Yang, Xiaodong; Cai, Gangshu; Chen, Ying-Ju; Yang, Shu-Jung Sunny
Journal of Retailing, v. 93, (2), 2017, p. 172-186
Operations Management
Chen, Ying Ju; Tomlin, Brian T.; Wang, Yimin
Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, v. 19, (4), 2017, p. 692-712
Operations Management
Guan, Xu; Chen, Ying Ju
Production and Operations Management, v. 26, (3), 2017, p. 389-408
Operations Management
Shang, Weixin; Ha, Albert; Tong, Shilu
Management Science, v. 62, (1), 2016, p. 245-263
Operations Management
Xu, He; Yao, David D.; Zheng, Shaohui
Production and Operations Management, v. 25, (6), 2016, p. 1088-1105
Operations Management
Guan, Xiao-hong; Chen, Ying-Ju
Naval Research Logistics, v. 63, (1), 2016, p. 3-22
Operations Management
Chao, Xiuli; Gong, Xiting; Zheng, Shaohui
Annals of Operations Research, v. 241, (1-2), 2016, p. 35-51
Operations Management
Zhang, Hongtao; Lee, Chungyee; Li, Tian
Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, v. 85, 2016, p. 23-39