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Operations Management
Li, Qing; Yu, Peiwen; Du, Lilun
Operations Research,2021
Operations Management
Wang, Shixin; Wang, Xuan ; Zhang, Jiawei
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Operations Management
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Operations Management
Chen, Yutian; Chen, Ying Ju
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Operations Management
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Operations Management
Yuan, Mao; Ma, Shi-hua; Guan, Xu; Chen, Ying-ju
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Operations Management
Guan, Xu; Liu, Baoshan; Chen, Ying Ju; Wang, Hongwei
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Operations Management
Lu, Tao; Chen, Ying Ju; Fransoo, Jan C.; Lee, Chung-yee
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Operations Management
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Operations Management
Chen, Yutian; Xiong, Hui; Chen, Ying Ju
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