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Business Statistics
So, Mike Ka Pui .; Mak, Anson S.W.; Chu, Amanda M.Y.
Scientific Reports, v. 12, (1), 2022, article number 2668
Business Statistics
Tang, Ka Kit; Li, Ka Ching; So, Mike Ka Pui
PLoS ONE, v. 16, (12), Decmber 2021, article number e0260132
Business Statistics
Du, Lilun; Guo, Xu; Sun, Wenguang; Zou, Changliang
Journal of the American Statistical Association, 2021
Business Statistics
Xia, Lucy; Zhao, Richard; Wu, Yanhui; Tong, Xin
Journal of the American Statistical Association, v. 116, (533), Mrch 2021, p. 68-81
Business Statistics
Tong, Xin; Xia, Lucy; Wang, Jiacheng; Feng, Yang
Journal of Machine Learning Research, v. 21, 2020, article number 12
Business Statistics
Du, Lilun; Hu, Inchi
Journal of the American Statistical Association, 2020
Business Statistics
Bi, Nan; Markovic, Jelena; Xia, Lucy; Taylor, Jonathan
Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, 2019
Business Statistics
Fan, Jianqing; Ke, Zheng Tracy; Liu, Han; Xia, Lucy
Annals of Statistics, v. 43, (4), 2015, p. 1498-1534
Business Statistics
Dai, Dong; Rigollet, Philippe; Xia, Lucy; Zhang, Tong
Electronic Journal of Statistics, v. 8, (1), 2014, p. 302-327
Business Statistics
Du, Lilun; Zhang, Chunming
The Annals of Statistics, v. 42, :(4), 2014, p. 1262-1311