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Business Statistics
Lan, Wei; Du, Lilun
Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, v. 37, (1), 2019, p. 147-157
Business Statistics
So, Mike Ka Pui; Liu, Wing Ki; Chu, Man Ying
Advances in Decision Sciences, v. 22(A), 2018, p. 1-35
Business Statistics
De guzman, Rodolfo Angelo M. III Katigbak ISOM; So, Mike Ka Pui
Annals of Financial Economics, v. 13, (4), 2018, article number 1850017
Business Statistics
James, Lancelot; Müller, Gernot; Zhang, Zhiyuan
Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, v. 36, (1), 2018, p. 75-87
Business Statistics
Li, Yingying; Zheng, Xinghua
Journal of Financial Econometrics, v. 16, (4), 2018, p. 583-587
Business Statistics
So, Mike Ka Pui; Li, Raymond W M; Asai, Manabu; Jiang, Yue
Journal of Forecasting, v. 36, (2), 2017, p. 139-155
Business Statistics
Chen, Cathy W.S.; So, Mike Ka Pui .; Chiang, Thomas C.
Japanese Economic Review, v. 67, (1), 2016, p. 96-124
Business Statistics
Li, Yingying; Xie, Shangyu; Zheng, Xinghua
Journal of Econometrics, v. 195, (1), 2016, p. 33-50
Business Statistics
Asai, Manabu; So, Mike Ka Pui
Journal of Time Series Econometrics, v. 7, (1), 2015, p. 69-74
Business Statistics
Li, Yingying; Mykland, Per A.; Renault, Eric; Zhang, Lan; Zheng, Xinghua
Econometric Theory, v. 30, (3), 2014, p. 580-605