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Business Statistics
Chu, Amanda M.Y.; Ip, Chun Yin; Lam, Benson S.Y.; So, Mike Ka Pui
Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, v. 176, 2022, article number 107561
Business Statistics
James, Lancelot
Mathematics, v. 10, (4), 2022, article number 561
Business Statistics
Chu, Amanda M.Y.; Omori, Yasuhiro; So, Hing Yu; So, Mike Ka Pui
Econometrics and Statistics, 26 2022
Business Statistics
So, Mike Ka Pui; Chan, Wing Chun; Chu, Amanda M.Y.
Journal of Econometrics, v. 227, (1), 2022, p. 151-167
Business Statistics
So, Mike Ka Pui .; Mak, Anson S.W.; Chu, Amanda M.Y.
Scientific Reports, v. 12, (1), 2022, article number 2668
Business Statistics
Li, Guangrui (Kayla); So, Mike Ka Pui; Tam, Kar Yan
ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems, v. 13, (2), 2022, article number 19, p. 1-30
Business Statistics
Cheng, Ming-yen; Wang, Shouxia; Xia, Lucy; Zhang, Xibin
Journal of Econometrics, 2022
Business Statistics
Tang, Ka Kit; Li, Ka Ching; So, Mike Ka Pui
PLoS ONE, v. 16, (12), Decmber 2021, article number e0260132
Business Statistics
Liu, Wing Ki; So, Mike Ka Pui; Chu, Man Ying
Communications in Statistics: Case Studies, Data Analysis and Applications, 2021
Business Statistics
Du, Lilun; Guo, Xu; Sun, Wenguang; Zou, Changliang
Journal of the American Statistical Association, 2021