Operations Management
Code Title Instructor(s) Syllabus
ISOM2500 L1-L3 Business Statistics Prof. HO, Jason Man Wai view
ISOM2500 L4-L5 Business Statistics Dr. SUN, Xinyu view
ISOM2500 L6 Business Statistics Prof. JAMES, Lancelot Fitzgerald view
ISOM2600 L1-L4 Introduction to Business Analytics Dr. PAN, Baoqian view
ISOM2600 L5-L6 Introduction to Business Analytics Prof. WAN, Xuhu view
ISOM2700 L1-L2 Operations Management Prof. SHIN, Dongwook view
ISOM2700 L3-L4 Operations Management Prof. LU, Lijian view
ISOM2700 L5-L6 Operations Management Prof. SHEN, Yiwen view
ISOM3530  Business Data Analytics Dr. PAN, Baoqian view
ISOM3710 Business Modeling and Optimization Prof. ZHANG, Hongtao view
ISOM3760 Logistics Management Prof. CHEN, Ying Ju view
ISOM3770 Global Supply Chain Management Prof. CHEUNG, Ki Ling view
ISOM3900 Decision Analytics Prof. YU, Man view
ISOM4520 Statistics for Financial Risk Management Prof. Vahid Asghari view
ISOM4540 Time Series Analysis and Forecasting Prof. HO, Jason Man Wai view
ISOM4750 Business Project Management Prof. LI, Qing view
ISOM4780 Integrated Planning and Execution Prof. LAU, Ronald view
ISOM4810 OM Best Practices Prof. LAU, Ronald view
ISOM4830 Analytics for Service Operations Prof. SHIN Dongwook view
ISOM4840 Financial Service Operations Management Prof. LU, Lijian view
ISOM4880 Operations Management Project

Prof. BROWN, David Anthony & Prof. LAU, Ronald